Cupid’s Heart: A roman God’s book one by Nicole Garcia

What a cute twist on a god myth. Cupid, the God of love has fallen in love, but due to a tragic mistake he really wasn’t to blame for he hasn’t been working for while. He denys he is love but everyone around him can see he is in love with a human girl, which is it appears not allowed. Well as things happen he finds himself force to act on meeting her which leads to another and then another and then well…. He is the god of love after all. Another misunderstanding threatens to ruin everything for him and the girl he loves and possible get him sent to the underworld unless his friends can help him see the error of his ways.I hope there are more stories coming out with his fellow gods. 5 star read here.

As a side note the audio edition is amazing as well. The voices reading the story are amazing!


Raene and the Three Bears by R.S. McCoy

OMG I Can’t say enough about this book. Here is the struggle of Raene as she is given away to a foreign land to become the bride to one of the sons of the leader of a new clan, all three who happen to be, yes bears to her tiger. There she learns it is the same group that her friend Blossom came from (I do suggest you read book one Blossom and the Beast first to fully understand the story line here as it runs throughout this one-no spoilers here sorry). I love RS McCoy’s writing style of switching between not only the different story lines but the different characters thought patterns as well. You never had any doubt what was going on and who was involved at any time even though there were two story going at the same time. This book left me crying, screaming, shaking my head, broken hearted and filled with hope all at the same time. I would put this book in the fantasy area as it deals with shape shifting and some mild violence. I will be on pins and needles waiting for the next book to come out as this one kept me up all night turning the pages to find out what happen next.

Blame it on the Shame (part two) by Ashley Jade

Well Ms. Jade has done it again she has written another controversial book which needs all the warning labels it came with. This is not your mother’s mob romance story. This is not the bad boy gets the good girl story (we learned that in part one) Yes you do need to read part one, well at least I suggest you do. The book tore my heart out, and ate it and left me cursing at it (and nearly got me kicked out of the car). Had it been a paperback it would have been thrown a few times. Ricardo and Lou-Lou’s story had to be told and it had to be told Ms. Jade’s way as all good stories do. These two love each other so much and risk everything to be together. Friends turn out not to be trusted, hell lovers turn out not to be trusted. People die, Blood is shed. Tears are shed, in the book and out of the book. Is this story finished? If you don’t like dark reads, woman being abused or men caged fighting and hot sex scenes then please do not pick up this book you will be upset. If this won’t bother you rush out and pick this up. It is a 5 star read for sure.

Blame It on the Shame- Part 2

Sergei: A Very Russian Romance By Victoria Wright (NEW AUTHOR!!)

This is a new author and I have to say I loved her writing style. She made Russia feel so alive and welcoming. Even when the characters are speaking Russian we know what they are saying because of her clear writing style.
Eleanor thought she had found her true love in Sergei till he disappeared on her 7 years ago suddenly leaving her pregnant. Her need to find him even after she learns what he really does for a living leads to her career and her career lead her to a invited visit to his homeland to help solve a series of crimes. Right into his lap. Can they put their heart ache behind them and start over and become the family their daughter keeps hoping for?
This book has just the right amount of mystery and romance that should satisfy any reader. I would highly suggest you at least give this one a try if you want a little of both.


Pop! by V. Kelly

I am not sure where V. Kelly came up with the stuff for this book but it was amazing! I was rolling on the floor laughing so hard….you get the picture through 3/4 ths of the book. I am pretty sure the dogs thought at times I was having a fit. And trust me you will never look at bananas or the word ‘moist’ in the same way again. Sid is such a likable guy even if I did want to kick his @ss a few times and poor Symone just when she thought she had what she wanted things get all twisted up. And Trevor he just needs to decide what he wants or put on his big boy pants and deal with it. Overall a great 5 star read but this is a cliff hanger book so no happy ending in this one (Yet-there is still hope). Give this book a try just bring some tissue along for the ride and maybe a banana.


Blame It on the Shame (part 1) by Ashley Jade

Blame it on the Shame Part 1 by Ashley Jade is an amazing 5 star story of pain, emotion, action and danger and don’t forget the romance. Not only is it an amazing story it will touch your heart as it did mine. Blame it on the Shame Part 1 is the story of Ricardo and Lou-Lou who we first meet in Blame it on the Pain. Note: I do highly recommend you read that you read Blame it on the Pain first.
This book was as gritty as it was suspenseful. Ricardo is so protective and loyal to his friends to a fault but he is also the alpha, alpha if that is possible. We need so many more of him in the world in my opinion. He is overcoming his past to become a better man. Lou-Lou has a very vulnerable nature but her 24 years of abuse and neglect has made her so painfully strong and one bad-ass woman. The two of them together were amazing and the chemistry they had everywhere, including the bedroom could cause things to explode. I’m not sure where it is in the book but there is wine scene that I found so funny but Ms. Jade managed to make it work into the story.
These characters are developed and I am sure they will keep developing as the rest of the series progress and although I hate cliffhangers I am looking forward to part 2 to come out.

Blame It on the Shame by Ashley Jade

The Haunting by Nicole Garcia

I loved this story. I first was gifted it in audio but then had to go back and buy it as a book just to have it in my hands, It was a ‘House on haunted Hill’ idea with a good old fashion love story with the bad boy with a good heart meeting the good girl looking for an easy escape. I truly enjoyed this story and the writing flowed from chapter to chapter. The characters were are mix of those you wanted to hate and did and those you wanted to love and care for and you did. If you are looking for the perfect around the fire romantic scary story than you have just found it. 5 stars all around.
The Haunting by Nicole Garcia

Playing His Game by Audrey Randall

In this short debut novel by Audrey Randall! The main character Daemon and Aimee have some of the best chemistry I have seen for a while. The two have known each other for years but know Aimee has to help her twin sister, and her gaming team out, and it is Damien to the rescue. And since I know nothing about the gaming world since Dr. Mario left Audrey made everything clear and easy to understand. Unlike most books it is Aimee who makes the first move and well from there things get hot and steamy and let’s just say Aimee learns about two different types of joysticks. There are some finny and light hearted moments in this book mixed in with the suspense of the gamin stuff and well the steamy sheet action. This was a great debut novella and I am waiting for the next one

Playing His Game by Audrey Randall

Warranted Pleasures (Warranted Series Book #1) by Shannon R. Nemechek

I love escaping into a good book where you can actually visual every detail and this was one of those books. It was also my first time reading a military type based book and Shannon made it pretty clear to understand the whole military stuff. Pretty awesome in my book! This was a fast past emotionally,heartfelt,beautifully written story with old friends and new enemies and how two people decide they are going to make it past their demons and work together to survive. This book past my expectations and really deserves 10* rating but I can only give it a 5 here. If you like stubborn military heroes and female heroes who do the whole enemies to friend to well you get the drift then this is a book that you won’t be able to put down.
 Warranted Pleasures (Warranted Series Book #1)

Dirty Neighbor (The Dirty Suburbs) by Cassie-Ann L. Miller

Keeland returns home after 8 years to his hometown and runs right into Sammie the girl her stood up at HER prom. The old spark are still there but now but have grown up and are no longer just the boy and girl door sex dream stories. Being told in the point of view of both character every other chapter may require adjustment for some readers but I am learning to love it. How else do we get to know what each person is really feeling at the time with no tricks? Ms. Miller’s writing is clear and flows freely through out the story and her character ares well developed. Makes me wonder who else is going to turn up in the neighbor playing dirty. Definitively a book you with characters you will want to get dirty with. 5 plus rating.

Dirty Neighbor (The Dirty Suburbs)