Cupid’s Heart: A roman God’s book one by Nicole Garcia

What a cute twist on a god myth. Cupid, the God of love has fallen in love, but due to a tragic mistake he really wasn’t to blame for he hasn’t been working for while. He denys he is love but everyone around him can see he is in love with a human girl, which is it appears not allowed. Well as things happen he finds himself force to act on meeting her which leads to another and then another and then well…. He is the god of love after all. Another misunderstanding threatens to ruin everything for him and the girl he loves and possible get him sent to the underworld unless his friends can help him see the error of his ways.I hope there are more stories coming out with his fellow gods. 5 star read here.

As a side note the audio edition is amazing as well. The voices reading the story are amazing!


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