Taking Jana by Rissa Brahm

What a non stop heart pumping ride full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing till the end. Jana has more strength than I do. I would have kicked her family to the curb long before Antonio shows up. This was a sweet love story with enough action that everyone will be happy. This was my first book by this author and I will be looking for her other work.

Taking Jana (Paradise South) (Volume 2)


Bitten by Nicole Garcia

What do you get when you have a coven of female vampires running an up and coming secret night spot? Secrets and lustful sex as they try to find makes to turn to join them as they may be the last of their kind. Has a sweet and sometimes funny love story thrown in as well. Highly recommend.

Vindicate by Virginia Johnson

Another quick read for me from Ms.Johnson. I found the alluring cat and mouse game between Aspen and Ethan to be entertaining. Aspen has a need to punish and leaves a trail of blood in her wake with the help of the somewhat reluctant Ethan. But now he is leaving a trail of blood behind him as well. When it comes time for the final show down will either one be left standing? This book does contain some hot sexy scenes, along with blood and violence so please keep that in mind before picking this book up if any of these are turns off’s for you.


Seraphine’s by by Virginia Johnson and Julia Clare

Seraphine grew up an unwanted and unloved abused child from the start and one day after finally cracking took her life into her own hands only to be rescued. Living and growing with her savior at a motel that thrives on the dirtiest and deadliest secrets of those that come to live out those desires she learned the business. Now running the ‘motel’ she thinks she has it all a man, Jasper, she truly loves and shares her darkest desires and a damaged young woman, Ivy, who she loves in her own way that she desires to own as well. Now a stranger, Julian, has entered the scene that threatens all that the three have built in the last two years with mere phone calls. Who will be the last one standing in this dark twisted not for the weak of heart 5 star read?


Shadows and Lies by Raine English

I loved this suspense filled romance story of lies,family, past lives and a mystery waiting to be solved. Olivia returns to her grandfather home, where her mother died of some unknown illness, to fulfill his last dying wish. There she is faced with the decision to stay and honor his wish and her mother’s dream and not only inherit his property and money but possibly find her true love in his right hand man Jaxon. Or she can return to Boston with nothing. Can she figure out the dreams, sort out the lies from the truth and figure out what is hiding in the shadows to find her own happiness? If you enjoy a good romantic mystery then this is the book for you.

Shadows and Lies: A World of Gothic: United States

Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg

What a sweet as cupcake love story

This was a great romance story with just the right amount of romance, laughter, and tears and a few steamy sex scenes. A cupcake marker and her dirt love a Hollywood actor meet up after ten years so he can settle an IOU he has with her brother. A trip to a paradise location to confront her past. Then his past. Can their new found love survive? I give teh cupcake smashing story 5 stars.

Sweet Cheeks