NEW RELEASE TODAY!!! Hunks to the Rescue: 18 Hot Contemporary Romance Novellas by Margo Bond Collins, Trish McCallan, Krista Ames, Raine English, Tamara Ferguson, Aileen Harkwood, Lynda Haviland, Jody A. Kessler, Katie O’Sullivan, Constance Phillips, Stephanie Queen

I loved these short stories that all contained hot helpful hunks and the women who fall for them, some hard. Each of these 18 stories was about another couple who went on a quest of self discovery to find themselves and each other. Since they are all novellas you can read a few at a time or one quickly, although you will find it hard to put down after one. Highly recommend this set of short stories if you want some hot hunks and mind blowing sex. I give this set a 5 alarm score.
 Hunks to the Rescue by Margo Bond Collins

NEW RELEASE!!!!!!!! 5 star steamy read (mostly m/m) Complicated Hearts by Ashley Jade

Wow! What more can I say Ms. Jade has put out another excellent but very unusual book. There are three main characters in this book Asher, Breslin (Bre) and Landon. When we first meet them Asher and Bre are the dream couple in high school but their happiness is destroyed by a jealous classmate. Asher soon finds his whole life destroyed while Bre struggles in college to deal with the hurt while trying to form a relationship with Landon. When Bre leaves to go on a college study trip chance brings Landon and Asher together. And boy here is where the steam goes off the chart in a way I didn’t think anyone could write into a M/M relationship. But Ms. Jade hit it on the head. Hot, steamy exploration of feelings and sex that will leave you hot and bothered. I never for one minute doubted the relationship that was developing between Asher and Landon. I for one can’t wait to see how Ms. Jade adds Bre to the mix in the next book.

Kaid’s Queen (Avaleigh’s Boys Book 3) by Sandra R Neeley

This is the third book in the Avaleigh’s boys series. This one deals with Kaid, the alpha, finding his mate. His mate comes to him so damaged he wonders if she will trust him. Especially when he figures out she is an alpha as well who might just best him. With an old enemy lurking around will this band of misfits be safe? As with her other stories the author brings all the characters and environment to life in such a way you will find it hard to put it down. 5 flaming roars.

Kaid's Queen (Avaleigh's Boys Book 3) by [Neeley, Sandra R]


Perfect Imperfections by Taryn Leigh

I really liked this book and it was a first for me from this author. The writing was clear and made all the characters come alive. When Sarah returns to her birth place after her life is torn apart she flees to her best friend and her brother. As she vows never to trust or love again she slowly finds herself healing. When forced to return to London she has to decide if she will let her past keep haunting her. This was a wonderful second chance at love story with just a hint of suspense. The author did a great job at keeping you guessing for the surprised ending. Would highly recommend it and look forward to more from this author. 5 stars for this second chance at love. This is a safe read for my non erotic followers.

Perfect Imperfections by [Leigh, Taryn ]

Decadent Dreams by Nicole Garcia

When Phoenix goes to work for Nico she finds him rude and overbearing. And he doesn’t like her much either it would seem. But things heat up in the office neither want to admit. Then one tragic night makes them away of how they truly feel.Once again Ms. Garcia is able to spin a wonderful tale with romance and suspense that will leave you guessing till the end. All of her characters were so believable although I found Josh to be the sweetest. Hoping for other books based on the other characters.

Saving Private Blue by Nicole Garcia

Military man comes home injured after four years away and denying his feelings for the girl he left behind. She has remained in love with him. Will they find true happiness or will their distrust of each other win. Loved this romance with Ms. Garcia wonderful way with words that make everything come alive for the readers. A great book if you just want a romance without a lot of steamy sex scenes. I did the audio version of this book and let me tell you it the narrators voices are to die for and they bring the characters alive. This was another 5 star read by Nicole Garcia

Saving Private Blue (A Soldier To Love Book 1)

One Wild Night (A MFMM Ménage Romance) by Vivian Ward

What is a couple to do when they are camping next to two hot young men? Of course go to their tent and have hot sex loud enough to gain their attention and then invite them to hang out the next day when they are done. This was written well and all four of the characters came to life under Ms.Ward’s hands.Having never read a foursome book before I wasn’t sure how she would be able to pull it of but she did. And trust me their is enough panty wetting hot sex to go around. I was able to finish this book in one night thanks to the way it flowed. A five star read.

One Wild Night (A MFMM Ménage Romance) by [Ward, Vivian]


New release!!! Paranormal Dating Agency: Her Mane Attraction… Nicole Garcia

I loved this quick novella read by Ms. Garcia I fell in love with Adonis, the white lion shifter, from the beginning. He is determined to make it in a world where both his human and shifter appearance are looked down on. I loved the fact that Eira, his human mate, is a strong independent woman and she was not going to back down from him. But once they get together boy was it HOT! I received a ARC in exchange for a honest review. 5 hot paw stars for this one.

Paranormal Dating Agency: Her Mane Attraction (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Ari (To Each His Ghost #1): A ghostly paranormal horror novel by S.M. Boyce

Who really is haunting Ari and the former football star? If she can’t get anyone to believe her will she fall victim to the demon as so many others have? This was a suspenseful book full of twist and turns with an ending I never saw coming (don’t worry it not a cliff hanger). The author has a way with words that bring every terrifying moment to life. Will have to look up the second book for sure. This was a five ghostly read for me.

Avaleigh’s Boys (3 Book Series) by Sandra R Neeley

What happens when you throw together a group of different shapeshfifters who have chosen to stay together as a family even though most of them are not related? You get hot steamy sex scenes as they try to find and then please their mates along with some violence thrown is as others attempt to hurt the clan and their chosen mates. Each book is about a different ‘brother’ finding their true mates and I’m in love with all of them.The way Ms. Neeley writes brings the characters and their environment alive so you want to keep reading about them and cheer for them through the good and bad times. It is so hard to pick a favorite brother because they each bring something to the table and they are so open to each other mates (after a fashion that is). This is a great paranormal read with romance and a little hint of darkness thrown in. A five star read for all these books.
Avaleigh's Boys (3 Book Series) by  Sandra R Neeley