NEW RELEASE Complicated Parts part one by Ashley Jade

This is a slow burning story about two very damaged characters who are hurting and confused. Who are baffled by a connection with each other that doesn’t seem to go away. These two are enemies but aren’t really the typical enemies, it’s complicated. Two people who should be enemies but who don’t hate each other quite as much as they should, but they’re not exactly friends either…I guess you could say it’s complicated. Very complicated relationship.
I’m probably in the minority here but I’m on team Kit,”The angry girl with the sad eyes.” she is messed up, damaged but still has a heart of gold even through it is broken and she is trying to find a way to fix it. Then she runs into Preston, a bad boy trying to find his own way in the world. These are complex broken characters written the way only Ms. Jade can write. They have horrible pasts to overcome and these past have made them who they are today. One of the the best things in this book is the sometime light hearted banter between Kit and Preston sometimes bringing your to bouts of laughter so much you cry.
I grew to quickly love both of these characters, although Kit is my girl. This book has everything you want in a book betrayal, angst and an unwanted connection between the characters. Ms. Jade gives another book that can’t be put down and I for one can’t wait for more Preston and Kit.


New Release Sweetened Suffering (Sweet Treats Book 2) by Charity B.

Ms. Charity has done it again. Another roller coaster book of emotions and feelings. This book left you crying and cheering at the raw emotions the good guys felt and the pain they were going through came through clearly in the writing. The chapters flowed together nicely. There are a lot of triggers in this book in regards to sexual abuse (adult and child) and plenty of drug abuse so if this offends you look for something else to read. This was an awesome dark romance read.

NEW RELEASE Racing From Chaos (Sunrise Runners Duology Book 2) by Aubrey Parr

This is a hold on to your running shoes from the start till the finish.This is the second book in the series by Ms.Parr and is just as much heart pounding and full of action packed suspense as the first. It contains a suspenseful ending that even I didn’t see coming. I am more in love with these characters now than I was from the first book. Ms. Parr weaves a wonderful suspenseful story with her words that bring the action and characters to life. This story has some violence that could be triggering to some readers but also contains some wonderful scenes of romance. A five star read all the way.

Bearly Mistaken (Bears in Love Book 3) by PA Vachon

Regan now the mother of a little girl has come to accept that she will never be with her fated one even though she will never stop loving him. When he reappears in her life he tells her a tale that she can’t believe. Will love be enough to pull this family together or has (Johnny) David done to much damage that even his fated mate can’t forgive him. I loved this third book in this series as the characters are so lovable and he excitement is real and keeps you guessing.

New Release Candy Coated Chaos by Charity B.

This is the debut book by Ms. B but you would never know it. She reels you in from the start and keeps you on the hook till the end of the book.I was laughing and crying at times during this book. Alexander is trying everything he can to save Tarvn and she isn’t sure that she wants to be saved or that she can be saved. The two use sex, sometimes kinky, as a way to communicate. There are some triggers in this book and it does end in a cliff hanger but no fear the second book will be out soon. I wasn’t sure which character I was cheering more for but in the end I think I love both characters equally. A five star read from this first time author

NEW RELEASE Pretty Killer by Michelle Brown

This is the debut book by Ms. Brown and I found it to be an uplifting mix of mafia romance and bloody gory killing, which I happen to love, and found different in a romance book. The characters were all the kind that stick with you and have you cheering or booing for them depending on what is going on. If you are looking for a book by a fresh new face that will leave you hoping her next book comes out quickly this is the one for you. Five steamy stars that won;t leave you disappointed.

New release When I see her smile by P.A. Vachon

This was a above average Bear shiftier romance. I was drawn into the action from the first chapter and couldn’t put it down from there. Trevor has not had luck when it come to woman in his life and Rebecca hasn’t has much luck with men in hers. The two find themselves thrown together in a action packed story of fights, tender moments and sex. All that will keep you tied into the story. I can;t wait to see where the next bear story will lead us.

NEW RELEASE Running from disaster by Aubrey Parr

What a great crime story heavy on the romance by Ms. Parr. Gabby is the owner of a coffee shop where Dylan comes in to break up with his flavor on the month. What happens when he decides he wants a taste of her someone his own age, is both sweet and at times funny, But a serial torturer is running wild in the city and taking female runners and hurting them, leaving them scared physically and emotionally. Gabby and her two best friends just happen to be runners. I loved this story full of twist and turns from page one to the last shocking page. If you like romance mixed in with your crime then this is the book for you.