Blame it on the Shame (part two) by Ashley Jade

Well Ms. Jade has done it again she has written another controversial book which needs all the warning labels it came with. This is not your mother’s mob romance story. This is not the bad boy gets the good girl story (we learned that in part one) Yes you do need to read part one, well at least I suggest you do. The book tore my heart out, and ate it and left me cursing at it (and nearly got me kicked out of the car). Had it been a paperback it would have been thrown a few times. Ricardo and Lou-Lou’s story had to be told and it had to be told Ms. Jade’s way as all good stories do. These two love each other so much and risk everything to be together. Friends turn out not to be trusted, hell lovers turn out not to be trusted. People die, Blood is shed. Tears are shed, in the book and out of the book. Is this story finished? If you don’t like dark reads, woman being abused or men caged fighting and hot sex scenes then please do not pick up this book you will be upset. If this won’t bother you rush out and pick this up. It is a 5 star read for sure.

Blame It on the Shame- Part 2


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