Blame It on the Shame (part 1) by Ashley Jade

Blame it on the Shame Part 1 by Ashley Jade is an amazing 5 star story of pain, emotion, action and danger and don’t forget the romance. Not only is it an amazing story it will touch your heart as it did mine. Blame it on the Shame Part 1 is the story of Ricardo and Lou-Lou who we first meet in Blame it on the Pain. Note: I do highly recommend you read that you read Blame it on the Pain first.
This book was as gritty as it was suspenseful. Ricardo is so protective and loyal to his friends to a fault but he is also the alpha, alpha if that is possible. We need so many more of him in the world in my opinion. He is overcoming his past to become a better man. Lou-Lou has a very vulnerable nature but her 24 years of abuse and neglect has made her so painfully strong and one bad-ass woman. The two of them together were amazing and the chemistry they had everywhere, including the bedroom could cause things to explode. I’m not sure where it is in the book but there is wine scene that I found so funny but Ms. Jade managed to make it work into the story.
These characters are developed and I am sure they will keep developing as the rest of the series progress and although I hate cliffhangers I am looking forward to part 2 to come out.

Blame It on the Shame by Ashley Jade


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