Pop! by V. Kelly

I am not sure where V. Kelly came up with the stuff for this book but it was amazing! I was rolling on the floor laughing so hard….you get the picture through 3/4 ths of the book. I am pretty sure the dogs thought at times I was having a fit. And trust me you will never look at bananas or the word ‘moist’ in the same way again. Sid is such a likable guy even if I did want to kick his @ss a few times and poor Symone just when she thought she had what she wanted things get all twisted up. And Trevor he just needs to decide what he wants or put on his big boy pants and deal with it. Overall a great 5 star read but this is a cliff hanger book so no happy ending in this one (Yet-there is still hope). Give this book a try just bring some tissue along for the ride and maybe a banana.



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