Ari (To Each His Ghost #1): A ghostly paranormal horror novel by S.M. Boyce

Who really is haunting Ari and the former football star? If she can’t get anyone to believe her will she fall victim to the demon as so many others have? This was a suspenseful book full of twist and turns with an ending I never saw coming (don’t worry it not a cliff hanger). The author has a way with words that bring every terrifying moment to life. Will have to look up the second book for sure. This was a five ghostly read for me.


Avaleigh’s Boys (3 Book Series) by Sandra R Neeley

What happens when you throw together a group of different shapeshfifters who have chosen to stay together as a family even though most of them are not related? You get hot steamy sex scenes as they try to find and then please their mates along with some violence thrown is as others attempt to hurt the clan and their chosen mates. Each book is about a different ‘brother’ finding their true mates and I’m in love with all of them.The way Ms. Neeley writes brings the characters and their environment alive so you want to keep reading about them and cheer for them through the good and bad times. It is so hard to pick a favorite brother because they each bring something to the table and they are so open to each other mates (after a fashion that is). This is a great paranormal read with romance and a little hint of darkness thrown in. A five star read for all these books.
Avaleigh's Boys (3 Book Series) by  Sandra R Neeley

The Nearer The Dawn: Book One by J.P. Barry

This is a new author to me and I was given arc in exchange for a honest review. This was a good mixture of devil/demons vs angels. The author has a great idea about how they walk among us,sometimes making themselves known to each other other times not.There was a good budding romance between Chase and Nina. Along with a few other high school romances going on that kept things interesting and hopping along. What do you do when a lost soul falls for a mortal angel but the devil’s right hand man is going to claim him no matter what the cost? Will their love be enough to withstand the lies and tricks? It is easy to see how the devil can trick someone into doing his bidding. The writing of this book is clear and I love the alternating persons view points, it adds so much more to the story line. I will be sure to read the next one in the series when it comes out. A four angel wing read here.




Daddy’s Sweet Girl: A Dark Stepfamily Love Story by Stasia Black

What is a girl to do when her mother makes a false marriage to a man built like a viking God and his equally well built son? Sarah soon fines herself in over her head with this new stepfather and his son Dominick. Although she finds herself falling for Dominick she finds herself in a three way relationship with both. Confused about her growing feelings and her new developed sexually needs she struggles to juggle college and the new mixed up family dynamics. What happens when she learns the real reason her mother married ‘daddy? This was my first book by Ms. Black and the first in this area. It is a dark read that contains triggers of threesomes, sexually and physical abuse so please don’t pick it up if any of these areas offend you. The writing was clear, the characters felt alive and the book moved along a a steady pace. I would look for more books from this author. 4 star read here.

Draekon Mate: Exiled to the Prison Planet (A Sci-Fi Menage Romance) (Dragons in Exile Book 1) by Lili Zander and Lee Savino

What happens when nine Earth woman crash land on a planet where men that turn into Dragons await their mates. This book deals with Viola, a Earth woman who leaves the crashed ship to find food and water for her friends when she i chased by wild animals that try to eat only to be saved by Arax and Nyx who turn into dragons as they first lie eyes on her and save her life. They end up taking her back to their caves to save her life and at first she denies their are others, even though she has three friends still lost in the woods thinking he can escape her two dragons. But the three find they are drawn closer together as questions loom around them. This book is a menage with two hot dragons sharing one women and giving her the pleasure she needs. There is no m/m relationships but if sharing turns you off do yourself a favor and pick a different book to read. I for one hope that all eight of the other woman find a hot dragon or two or three to share so we have some more hot steamy books. A five space ship read.

Daddy Dom Kindle Edition by Rose St. Andrews

Not having read anything about age play before I found this book to be truly incredible. I loved how ‘daddy’ took charge of his ‘little girl’ whether pleasuring or punishing her. The author’s writing made the characters jump off the page and both the sex and play scenes were hot. Highly recommend getting this ‘little age play book’. 5 teddy bears for this book.

Daddy Dom by [St. Andrews, Rose]



Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet #1) by C.J. Roberts

Kidnapped by a man who is only interesting in selling her into the sex trade to fulfill a old promise to the man who saved him. Caleb has kidnapped and trained many willing and unwilling sex slaves for the overseas market. Olivia was supposed to Be the one to help him get revenge. But when their feelings starts to emerage for each other will he do it? This book does end in a cliff hanger so please don’t read it if you don’t like them. It was clearly written but does check brain scenes of forced sex and beatings.

Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts

Eversoul by Adam Reese

I was gifted a copy of this book to review. I am use to reading Adam Reese’s horror work so this was a change for me. It started out slow for me and at times the confusing change of characters and scenes was hard to follow. But once I got into it I found it was a enjoyable sci-fi read. Wow, the creative creatures that Mr. Reese pulled out of his mind for this book blew my mind. If you like sci-fi and a little mix of horror then this is the book for you.  4 star read in my mind.


Bad Girls Do It Better (Billionaire Bad Boy Romance) by Aubrey Michelle

This is the second book in the series which I read when it was included as a bonus at the end of another book. This time it has to do with the Bad girl twin sister and her quest to admit to herself that she has feelings for the young man who her twin sister considers her best friend. But again old loves and pride threaten to tear them apart. Will the secret he carry be the one thing that draws them closer together? Can they survive those trying to break them up long enough to admit the feelings they have for each other are real? I am now officially hooked on this authors clear writing style which doesn’t leave much to the imagination and will be looking for her other books.

Bad Girls Do It Better

Good Girls Do It Well by Aubrey Michelle

I read this as a added bonus to another book I have just read so this authors was new to me. So what happens when a really good girl catches the eye of the town’s most famous bad boy? He decides to chase her but she isn’t as easy of a catch as he would hope. When they do get together they are faced with challenges from his past and her own doubts. If they try and trust each other hard enough will they be together? This was one up and down unending roller coaster ride of good and bad emotion not to mention some very hot sexy. If you haven’t read this yet I suggest you pick it up because the author made the characters come alive so that will love some and hate some. Read this and I promise you a hot fun time.

Good Girls Do It Well (Billionaire Bad Boy Romance)