Black Light: Cuffed (Black Light Series Book 5) by Measha Stone

We were first introduced to Sydney and Tate briefly the night of the Valentine’s roulette. Although Tate can see Sydney for what she is he gives her the time and care, as a good Dom should, to come to realize it for herself. I did feel the story outside the club and bedroom into their work relationship went on for a little long in the story and could have gone a little deeper into their relationship. I do love Sydney for her ‘spunk’ and ‘brattiness’ and hope if we see her again she hasn’t lost that under Tate’s loving care. A good addition into the black light series to show the life outside the club. 4 out of 5 floggers here.

Black Light: Cuffed (Black Light Series Book 5) by [Stone, Measha ]


Somnus’ Love (A Roman God Romance Book 2) by Nicole Garcia

Somnus finds his mate but secrets threaten to tear them apart. Can he manage to hold onto her while all that he once know to be true fails him? Another well written book by Ms. Garcia. She makes her characters come alive and likable. This book exposes secrets that will rock the gods worlds and ours as well. Can;t wait for the next one. 5 star read.

Somnus' Love (A Roman God Romance Book 2) by [Garcia, Nicole]

NEW BOOK RELEASE TODAY!!! Volatile by Bree Dahlia

Wow! The title says it all. Johnathan, or Jon as he rather be called in the beginning, and Ivy are a volatile couple with a hurricane thrown in for good measure. The only interest Ivy has in Jon is him helping ‘fix’ her younger sister Lily who she thinks is being abused. When it comes to light that isn’t the case he tries to convince Ivy that there is nothing wrong with her sister enjoying the BDSM lifestyle. The problem is his Dom self wants Ivy all to himself and she is in no way a normal submissive and when they are in a room together either they are fighting with words or clothes are coming off. I loved that with this book you never knew which Ivy was going to be storming into Jon’s space, or how he would react to the whole thing. How gentle he was with her in helping her to learn about herself in ways she never thought was possible. Ms. Dahlia’s writing makes her characters so alive and the setting feel so real. She has a way with words that will want you to keep reading till you reach the end. 5 stars here n this new read.


Tell Me a Story (The Story Series Book 1) by Tamara Lush

Emma has a great idea on how to bring people into her bookstore, something I would love to see in real life. She shares one of her more ‘erotic’ reading with a businessman named Caleb and the sparks start to fly. But is Caleb up to something else? Emma may lose it all her heart and her business to the same man. The problem with this book is I felt it suddenly ended, just stopped, a real cliffhanger for sure.Not even an attempt to tie up any lose strings. This is more of a novella than a novel and was a quick read. I did like the idea and the characters so I will be picking up the next book. 3 of 5 stars.

Tell Me a Secret (The Story Series Book 4) by Tamara Lush

Emma has gone through so much and now as the search goes on for her husband she finds it is all she can do to raise her daughter and struggle with the feelings she is starting to have for her brother in law. I have loved seeing how she has grown throughout the books as a person to the strong woman she is becoming I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book. The author has a way of making the words, the god and the bad, flow together with characters you want to care about. 5 stars of stars love this series.

Scarlet by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

This is a very quick erotic romance read. You should be careful what you wish for. When a 57 year old weeding guest is returning to her room for the night after the reception having gone alone as her husband no longer desires her she meets a strange woman in the bathroom that gives her a tube of red lipstick. Well with it comes what most woman would think of as a curse. AS she explores her new powers I do wonder when she will learn the cost of it. Sex was good and well written. Authors made the characters come so aloe. Highly recommend if you are looking for a quick read. 5 of 5 lipsticks

Mercy, Bound, Released (Mercy, Bound, Released #1-3) by Natalie Bennett

First off I have to say I hated nearly every main character in this book. Okay I like a few and had sympathy for the victims as no one (but a few) deserved to die the way they did. THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FATE OF HEART IT HAS EVERYTHING HORRIBLE IN IT A BOOK CAN HAVE. DO NOT EVEN PICK UP THE BOOK IF YOU HATE BLOOD, GORE, SEXUAL ABUSE BETWEEN SPOUSES, VICTIMS AND FATHER/DAUGHTER.All this said I did enjoy the book and the author had a way with making the words flow together.I was so glad to read all the books in one place as it makes things flow better. I did find two sentences at the end that broke my heart as one came as a total shock but given the book it shouldn’t have been a big surprise just came as a heart breaker. If you like the small towns that hide secrets, mind games, blood play and don’t mind forced sex you will enjoy this book. 5 bloody axes out of five

Bound by an Echo by Virginia Johnson and Julia Clare

Why is it these two can make a love story into a horror story at the same time? But isn’t that real life sometimes? Laurel flees town 20 years ago after tragic events at the town carnival now some idiot decides 20 year to reopen it and she goes home to see what is going on. Never good in movies never good in books either. She finds Roy still waiting for her but their in another man waiting in the wing, Dale who may not be who he says he is. Can theses two survive what is coming for them that missed them 20 years ago or will the laughter finally die once and for all? 5 bloody axes out of 5.

Bound by an Echo

Milk and Honey by Yolanda Olson

Girl has spent a good part of her captivate in a small metal box of some type and all she wants to do is return to that box. But Sir, as he is called is the book, has left her alone for a number of days and she can’t get in that area of the house. Hoping to please him when he gets home she goes out looking for someone to ‘play’ with ans Sir does. AN that is were Yolanda does her wonderful work of entertaining us with blood, gore, violence, and sex. This is not a under 18 book by any means. It was a short read for me but left me satisfied. 5 bloody axes out of five here.

His Christmas Pixie by Darlene Tallman

Chessie had a rough life starting at 18 but she is determined to give her daughter Jade the family and life she never had. With help of her best friends family she is going to college and making it. Then Mack Corrigan walked into her life. He had seen pictures of the little girl and Chessie while serving with her ex. By chance he inherits a home in her town and once he walks into the diner she works at sparks fly. I love how Mark didn’t rush into things but took it slow giving both Chessie and Jade a chance to know him. who knows maybe their really is a magical fairy for the three of them.I loved these lifelike characters and Jade was adorable.