Raene and the Three Bears by R.S. McCoy

OMG I Can’t say enough about this book. Here is the struggle of Raene as she is given away to a foreign land to become the bride to one of the sons of the leader of a new clan, all three who happen to be, yes bears to her tiger. There she learns it is the same group that her friend Blossom came from (I do suggest you read book one Blossom and the Beast first to fully understand the story line here as it runs throughout this one-no spoilers here sorry). I love RS McCoy’s writing style of switching between not only the different story lines but the different characters thought patterns as well. You never had any doubt what was going on and who was involved at any time even though there were two story going at the same time. This book left me crying, screaming, shaking my head, broken hearted and filled with hope all at the same time. I would put this book in the fantasy area as it deals with shape shifting and some mild violence. I will be on pins and needles waiting for the next book to come out as this one kept me up all night turning the pages to find out what happen next.


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