Agony by Yolanda Olson

I grabbed this book as I have enjoyed other works by Ms. Olson. I find her type of writing horror uplifting to say the least but this isn’t one of those type of books in my opinion nor is it the normal happy ending people want from a romance book. This book is about a innocent girl who gets a job at a porn studio as although she hates it tries to stick it out hoping for something better. Then she loses the job but is hooked up with another job by an actor on the set who sees something in her. Don’t get me wrong this is a great book. And the end that will leave you shocked!

Agony by Yolanda Olson


Deadly Partnership: Murder, Blackmail and Voices from the Spirit World by Richard Gardner

 I found this book to be a little of everything I like in a ghost story. Intriguing mystery. Crying spirit. And this out for vengeance against the living and the dead. As this was a new author to me I was surprised at how life like his characters always were along with the settings they were in. I would say pick up a give this book a chance you won’t regret it. 5 star ghost story read here.
Deadly Partnership by Richard Gardner

Apartment 14f: An Oriental Ghost Story by Christian Saunders

This was an okay ghost story with a twist at the end you’ll never see coming. There is some language difference between the characters as he is a teacher of the English language but it doesn’t take from the story. No does the well described information on the area he lives and works in. I just wish there was a little more ghost in the story. The second included story was short and again had a surprised twist to the end. I gie it four out of five stars.

Apartment 14f by Christian Saunders

“You’re Mine”: A Sweet & Steamy Romance by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

Great enemy to lover book

This was a great enemy to lover type book. This is my first book by this author and I found it to be well written. She made the characters and environment come to life as if you were right there. This book had a surprise twist which makes it even more enjoyable. You will laugh and cry and enjoy the batter between the two main characters

Love, Luck, and Clusterf*ck (Legal #3) by Bree Dahlia

Penny is given a necklace on st Patrick’s day by a strange guy and is told that legend holds that whoever gives a token that night will be true. She thinks nothing of it but takes it home and keeps it. Then her world is torn apart and Stephen is there to pick up the pieces. This was a great friends to lover story with some of our favorite Legal characters although this book can be read completely alone. Ms. Dahlia description of places and people make you feel like you are right there enjoying it. This is a great read for anyone who loves friends to lovers books.

Love, Luck, and Clusterf*ck by Bree Dahlia

Complicated Hearts (Book 2 of the Complicated Hearts Duet.) by Ashley Jade

This is a surprisingly great book from author Ashley Jade. I will admit I went into it with mixed feelings about her pulling off the relationship between the two male characters and the relationship the main female character had with both men. But she did an amazing job. She brought their relationships both in and out of the bedroom to life with her amazing words. She made the sex scenes seem so real which is often hard especially between two men. This book had me laughing and crying and at times brought my heart to a stop. If violence, there is some heart stopping kind, and sex between two men offend you please avoid this well written book.

Complicated Hearts (Book 2 of the Complicated Hearts Duet.)

Pet: A Dark Menage Romance by Isabella Starling 

King has found his special pet. The one girl who means the world to him. Pet, only 18, has had a very rough life before she meets King who plans to break her down and repair her. But can he do it alone? And can she be put back together? Along with Maria, aka Angel, and stranger can pet be saved? Or will they have broken her? This was a non stop thrill ride with lots of action and sex. This was my first book. Y the author and I’m willing to try another one. There is some subject matter that may be triggering so be warned and it does contain threesome sex.

Tying the Knot (Thalia Book 4) (The Thalia Series) by Jennifer Bene

Wedding days always full of uncertainty and worry but this wedding was only full of hope and fulfilled dreams. Ms. Bene has written the perfect non dark ending to Thalia and James life in a way only she can. Hot, sexy punishment filled sex scenes and two short bonus chapters to explain a little more.this was a quick and enjoyable read for me and I felt like an honored guest at the wedding. 5 stars again.


The selkie who loved a wolf by Sarah Makela

This is book 5 and picks up with Colin, a werewolf, recovering from his ordeal in Scotland away from his pack and recovering sister. This man is kind, loving man but is very tortured by what he went through and what he did. Unna, a selkie (seal shifter) is also tortured after she say her mother taken prisoner by a human never to be seen or heard from again and she watched her father and their people grieve. Avoiding a force mate she visits the human land where she finds herself in trouble when a human named Murray tries to force her into marriage and Colin comes to her rescue What follows next is suspense, a few fights, a great hot sex scene, and the final show down. Ms. Makela is quickly becoming one of my favorite paranormal writers since she has such creative shifters (In this case a seal) and she makes everything so alive from the countryside to the inside scene. Waiting on the next book to see where the adventure goes and if Colin and Unna are in it. ,.

Call Me Daddy by Jade West

This was a hot, dirty daddy read. What happens when a businessman brings home an 18 year old he finds in the rain. An unlikely romance builds leading to some very dirty and hot sexy daddy scenes. The author’s writing has a way of making everything and everyone come alive from the people to the sex scenes to the environment, especially the blue butterfly in this book. 5 stars.