Berserker Babies: A Berserker short story… Lee Savino

This was a quick read and another great Berserkers book by Ms. Savino. We get a glimpse at the twins and learn a secret about another sister. It is the start to the upcoming battles with the Corspe King. Can’t wait for the next full length book.


NEW RELEASE Imperfect Monster (A Dark Romance) by Jennifer Bene.

This is just what I would accept from Ms. Bene. Raw, heart wrenching, gut turning, panties wetting page turning goodness. Andre sees himself as only a monster getting darker and darker as the years go by as a undercover drug agent following his drug lords orders without a thought. But when young pretty Nicky walks in to pay off her brother’s debts all her can think of is having her, protecting her was never part of the plan Torn between the need to finish his assignment and the need to protect this young women from his dangerous drug lord boss and his other men collide.While this book has some triggering situations (noncon sex and other violent scenes) and very dark topics I found I couldn’t put it down. So if that is not your thing please don’t buy this book.

Best Women’s Erotica of the year, volume 3. Editor Rachel Kramer Bussel

This was a wonderful set of 21 short erotica stories from different authors. All the stories could be read in under an hour. Some of the were very hot and care should be taken when reading in public. I personally enjoyed ‘Through the lens’ by Emmanuelle DeMaupassant with her character finally reclaiming her life.Another was ‘Red stain Ribbons’ by Tamsin. This story drew me in from the beginning with her description of being all tied up in a box. The last of my favorite is ‘Demon Purse’ by Sommer Marsden. I was impressed with her description of the body art the women was will t go through to please her man and then some. All of these stories were heavy in sex of the best kind and no story left you wanting more. This was a great set of stories and I can’t wait for the next edition. 5 out of 5 stars.

Christmas Smut by Lindsey Flinch Bedder (Author),‎ Ellen Dominick (Author),‎ Scarlet Cox (Author),‎ Vivian Wood (Author),‎ Veronica Hardy (Author),‎ Kelly Anne Scott (Author),‎ Antoinette M. (Editor)

A great collection of smut filled romance both m/f and m/m. I loved everyone of these short stories. All these authors made their characters come to life. I couldn’t find one story that i liked the best out of all of them since they were all so well written. Grab this is you need some Holiday pick me up. Five out of five stars.

NEW RELEASE Destruction by Jennifer Bene

Another trip down the dark twisted mind of Ms. Bene. But I wouldn’t have expected anything else from her. With this story of David and Lianne nothing seems as it is. This book does contain dark images and triggers but is so well written you won’t want to put it down once you start. David is out for revenge against Lianne’s father and in his dark mind her. He takes her from her life of privilege and slowly turns her into what he sees as a fallen angel. What he does to her will make you cringe and feel hot at the same time. The ending comes as a complete surprise. So if you want some twisted dark and something sexy pick this little number up.Five flaming stars.