The Infertile Heart (The Doctors of Atlanta Book 1) by BK Harrell

This was a first for me by this author and her first novel. I loved this story. It had everything that a good story needs. Love, heart break, second chance at love, out of the world accomplishments, more heart break, family bonding and finally the true chance at love. This book will have you hoping, crying, laughing, cheering, saying a few curse words, and wanting to throw your reader. Please have tissues ready for happy and sad tears. The author has a way with words that makes her characters come alive for you and all the places they travel and do, wow! I am hooked and will be looking for the next book. 5 hearts,

The Infertile Heart (The Doctors of Atlanta Book 1) by [Harrell, BK]


Trapped ALONE Kindle Edition by JOANN HERLEY

The prequeal to the Evergreen series explains how Gautier meets Kayleigh and shows why Velsa starts practicing dark magic. In this book we learn how and when Gautier learns that exiled Kayleigh is the one. I love all these rich and well defined characters and how alive Ms. Herley makes the environment in which they live come alive. She has such a well defined writing style you can’t help but fall in love with everyone. This book has something for everyone. Love, betrayal, heart ache, and new and old friends coming together to work for a common goal. You will not be disappointed with this book. 5 stars


Hale and Gemini (The Alder Tales Book 3) by RS McCoy

This is the third in the series and is just as great. We meet all of our old favorites and some new ones. This focuses on Hale who leaves his family after Ranae doesn’t choose him unaware Gemini is following him. The two don’t realize they are being followed and have to fight to survival for what they hope is safety. I love the writing of the author who makes the unique environment and characters come alive and you’ll fall in love with be with them again. Keep in mind this is a cliff hanger and we have to wait till book 4 to see if everyone gets a HEA.

Hale and Gemini (The Alder Tales Book 3) by [McCoy, RS]

Midnight Moonrising by K. S. Haigwood and Anne Conley

This was an on the edge of your seat thriller paranormal romance. I really didn’t know who to cheer for in this book. Poor Mena, who is in love with a vampire, her wolf, that wants the human investigating her husband’s death, or the lion shifter who thinks she loves him. Talk about a love triangle go bad. The author wrote a very entertaining story with believable characters that you are either going to love or hate in a setting that is believable. I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Midnight Moonrising by [Haigwood, K. S., Conley, Anne]