The selkie who loved a wolf by Sarah Makela

This is book 5 and picks up with Colin, a werewolf, recovering from his ordeal in Scotland away from his pack and recovering sister. This man is kind, loving man but is very tortured by what he went through and what he did. Unna, a selkie (seal shifter) is also tortured after she say her mother taken prisoner by a human never to be seen or heard from again and she watched her father and their people grieve. Avoiding a force mate she visits the human land where she finds herself in trouble when a human named Murray tries to force her into marriage and Colin comes to her rescue What follows next is suspense, a few fights, a great hot sex scene, and the final show down. Ms. Makela is quickly becoming one of my favorite paranormal writers since she has such creative shifters (In this case a seal) and she makes everything so alive from the countryside to the inside scene. Waiting on the next book to see where the adventure goes and if Colin and Unna are in it. ,.


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