A Heart In Remission (The Doctors of Atlanta Book 2) by BK Harrell (Soon to be released)

Marcie is raising her teenage niece after her mother is killed in battle over two years earlier. Cole is recovering from losing his fiance in battle earlier. He leaves active duty angry, hurt and mad at the world vowing never to love again while Marcie is vowing never to love until her niece is in college. Can these two broken people find true love in the end. I loved this book and you better keep a steady supply of tissue on hand because it is a tear jerker. You will laugh and you will cry. The fact that this book runs parallel to The doctors of Atlanta book 1 (scenes from book 1 are played out in book 2) makes it so much more fun to read and shows how creative this writer is that he is able to pull it off so that you get to see things from two other people’s perspective. I love the way the same characters show up allowing you to learn more about them. I can’t wait the new main character to be introduced in book three. 5 stars.


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