NEW RELEASE!!!!!!!! 5 star steamy read (mostly m/m) Complicated Hearts by Ashley Jade

Wow! What more can I say Ms. Jade has put out another excellent but very unusual book. There are three main characters in this book Asher, Breslin (Bre) and Landon. When we first meet them Asher and Bre are the dream couple in high school but their happiness is destroyed by a jealous classmate. Asher soon finds his whole life destroyed while Bre struggles in college to deal with the hurt while trying to form a relationship with Landon. When Bre leaves to go on a college study trip chance brings Landon and Asher together. And boy here is where the steam goes off the chart in a way I didn’t think anyone could write into a M/M relationship. But Ms. Jade hit it on the head. Hot, steamy exploration of feelings and sex that will leave you hot and bothered. I never for one minute doubted the relationship that was developing between Asher and Landon. I for one can’t wait to see how Ms. Jade adds Bre to the mix in the next book.


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