Draekon Mate: Exiled to the Prison Planet (A Sci-Fi Menage Romance) (Dragons in Exile Book 1) by Lili Zander and Lee Savino

What happens when nine Earth woman crash land on a planet where men that turn into Dragons await their mates. This book deals with Viola, a Earth woman who leaves the crashed ship to find food and water for her friends when she i chased by wild animals that try to eat only to be saved by Arax and Nyx who turn into dragons as they first lie eyes on her and save her life. They end up taking her back to their caves to save her life and at first she denies their are others, even though she has three friends still lost in the woods thinking he can escape her two dragons. But the three find they are drawn closer together as questions loom around them. This book is a menage with two hot dragons sharing one women and giving her the pleasure she needs. There is no m/m relationships but if sharing turns you off do yourself a favor and pick a different book to read. I for one hope that all eight of the other woman find a hot dragon or two or three to share so we have some more hot steamy books. A five space ship read.


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