NEW BOOK RELEASE TODAY!!! Volatile by Bree Dahlia

Wow! The title says it all. Johnathan, or Jon as he rather be called in the beginning, and Ivy are a volatile couple with a hurricane thrown in for good measure. The only interest Ivy has in Jon is him helping ‘fix’ her younger sister Lily who she thinks is being abused. When it comes to light that isn’t the case he tries to convince Ivy that there is nothing wrong with her sister enjoying the BDSM lifestyle. The problem is his Dom self wants Ivy all to himself and she is in no way a normal submissive and when they are in a room together either they are fighting with words or clothes are coming off. I loved that with this book you never knew which Ivy was going to be storming into Jon’s space, or how he would react to the whole thing. How gentle he was with her in helping her to learn about herself in ways she never thought was possible. Ms. Dahlia’s writing makes her characters so alive and the setting feel so real. She has a way with words that will want you to keep reading till you reach the end. 5 stars here n this new read.



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