Mercy, Bound, Released (Mercy, Bound, Released #1-3) by Natalie Bennett

First off I have to say I hated nearly every main character in this book. Okay I like a few and had sympathy for the victims as no one (but a few) deserved to die the way they did. THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FATE OF HEART IT HAS EVERYTHING HORRIBLE IN IT A BOOK CAN HAVE. DO NOT EVEN PICK UP THE BOOK IF YOU HATE BLOOD, GORE, SEXUAL ABUSE BETWEEN SPOUSES, VICTIMS AND FATHER/DAUGHTER.All this said I did enjoy the book and the author had a way with making the words flow together.I was so glad to read all the books in one place as it makes things flow better. I did find two sentences at the end that broke my heart as one came as a total shock but given the book it shouldn’t have been a big surprise just came as a heart breaker. If you like the small towns that hide secrets, mind games, blood play and don’t mind forced sex you will enjoy this book. 5 bloody axes out of five


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