Refuse: A Junkyard Wedding by SH Richardson

I really liked this book and having read the first two books was glad to see that the writing style flowed along. We learn a little more about Buck, even though he is dead, through interactions with other character and a surprise guest. It was touch and go there for a while and I didn’t think a wedding would be taking place at all as lies and secrets come out in the open. Opening old wound that need to be fully closed. There are old enemies who are becoming uneasy friends and I really hope we keep learning more about them, especially since one seems to have taken an interest in one of the sister and her him. Both Range and Clover learn a lot about themselves as they finally grow up in a way. The only damper in the book is that Max is still missing and may be in danger and we have to wait for Ms. Richardson to have him talk to her a little faster so we learn his fate.this book can be read as a stand alone as enough information is given but I do suggest you would enjoy it more if you read the first two.


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