NEW RELEASE LIVE TODAY!!! Black Light: Suspended By Maggie Ryan

This is another installment in the Black Light series but can be read as a stand alone. I also contains elements that some readers may find offensive such as anal play, rope play and BDSM so if this offends you please don’t buy this book I loved the power play shown in this book. Charlize is working her way through the male dominated field as a DEA agent and kicking butt. Dillion is a special agent assigned to work with her in a operation that nearly breaks her. He sees her for the extraordinary woman she really is and also as a Dom, sees her need to dominated and cared for. Although both have feelings for each other they don’t express them and after the assignment is over they part, feelings left unsaid. Then one night the two find each other again in the Black Light club when she is visiting with a friend. I loved how Dilion saw her need and gently let her explore what she needed. I loved how Ms. Ryan made everything clear with her writing as she described everything that was going on, especially when it came to the rope play (I don’t remember what it was called right now) and the trust between partners. Plus side there were dogs and puppies that needed to be played with and trained an who doesn’t love a love story with romance and puppies? A 5 star edition to the series.

Black Light: Suspended by [Ryan, Maggie]


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