The Two Lost Girls: The Mystery of the Grimes Sisters by Troy Taylor

This was the sad retelling of the still unsolved murder of the Grimes sisters. No one really knows what happened to them after they left their house on a cold December 1956 evening to go to the movies only to have their nude bodies turn up three weeks later miles from where they were last seen. It is also an example of the horrible police work that occurred back there with police from different locations and cities and on lookers trampling through the unsecured crime scene. This book details, with photos, witnesses reports that only added to the confusion, reports of possible changes to police reports, to the firing of key people that started work on the case. It also talks about the similarities to three other child murders that happened within a time frame of 8 years. A good book with a good amount of information. Since I read the paperback version I have to say I love the different font that was used a compared to other books, it was so clear and crisp and made me think of the writing of an old newspaper. A great piece of Chicago history for history buffs. A 4 out of 5 star read.

The Two Lost Girls: The Mystery of the Grimes Sisters (Dead Men Do Tell Tales Series)


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