Bane’s heart by Sandra R Neeley

This is the second in Ms. Neeley’s series of Avaleigh’s boys (and I hope not her last). Bane is all man (and then some) and the last thing he needs in his life (or thinks he needs) is a mate (or any woman for that matter). All he needs is his brother and their make shift odd family of shifters. But when he sees Janie in the grocer store where she works he makes every excuse to visit her there every day (even to shopping every day). The two start to develop a relationship then she disappears. When Bane learns what has happened to her he vows to get her back and move anything in his path to do so and calls on his family to save her but will they get there in time to save her? And if they do will she be able to accept him, Bear and all, or will she have been damaged beyond repair by what she has seen and gone through? This 5 star book is intended for mature readers who don’t mind lots of cuss words, steamy hot sex and some violence. This books shows that true family isn’t always those related by blood and god help those who get between a man and his true mate. I’m looking forward (i hope) to the rest of Bane’s family finding their true mates.



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