Blame it on the shame (Box set books 1-3) Ashley Jade

This 18+ dark read with triggers box set will leave you on the edge of you seat, crying, cursing and ready to hunt down the author for the wonderful heart retching roller coaster ride. Book one introduces you to so many wonderful people that you will either hate from the start or love, and in some cases both.Some will leave you crying others will leave you shaking your head. Ms. Jade has a way with words that make all of her characters come to life and when you will meet some of them you are going to wish you cold put them down. Others you are going to want to bring home to care for and cuddle. Ricardo and Lou-Lou are in no way the perfect couple the fire between them both in and out of bed is wonderful and only progresses into book two. Book two we see more of the family bound between Ricardo and his ‘brothers’ and mama and how they will stick together throw anything and support each other no matter what Sometimes you need a real threat to show you what people mean to you. Again this book is going to have you drowning in tears and chocking on curse words while you try not to throw your kindle against the wall. In my opinion this is the book that truly shows the monster that Bruno DeLuca really is and how much in control he is in and the damage he can do in everyone’s life that he has contact with. No one will escape this book untouched and at times you wonder if he will break Ricardo and Lou-Lou. This book left me broken for sure and not on a good way. But I did move onto book 3. Bruno is not the threat here any longer Ricardo has become a monster worse than his father every could be to some, but at least he had a method to his evilness in cleaning up the streets his way, But this book was really the story that Ricardo and Lou-Lou needed telling. And Ms.Jade told it it the way she does best. There is plenty of blood and violence and when it comes to the sex it is hot and rough. But I wouldn’t have accepted anything less. This book was the darkest of the three books and trust me when I say Ricardo has become just as rutheless as his father. There is enough back stabbing and distrust in this book to keep everyone happy. After shedding tears and more cursing and nearly throwing my kindle I am glad I made it through the last book because it completed the story. No doubt an over 18 dark read with triggers but still earns the whole 5 stars.

Blame It on the Shame: Complete Series (Blame It on the Shame, #1-3)


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