Blame It on the Shame- Part 3 by Ashley Jade

Ms. Jade has done it again. Another heart wrenching roller coaster of emotions of a book that is going to leave you rethinking everything about good guys and bad guys This is book three (and the final?) of the story of Lou-Lou and Ricardo.I can assure you this book will not leave you wanting more but please make sure you have the tissues on stand by and your favorite snack as you will not want to put it down. I truly loved this book and have fallen in love with most of the characters and some I want to drop into the deepest part of the ocean with a stone around their neck. But that’s my opinion. This is a over 18 read with graphic scene so please don’t pick this book if violence, blood, sex, assaults and anything else you can see on cable tv these days offends you. And if Ricardo’s own words “Don’t look for color in the dark….because there is none.” 5 gun shot read here.

Blame It on the Shame- Part 3



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