The Payment Series (3 Book Series) by Cassandra Carr narrated by Kai Kennicott

NOTE: Series is a serial. And are not really standalone stories. And contains topic that my offend some readers such as forced anal and forced sharing, frequent forced blow jobs and many many spankings. If any of these topics bother you please go find a calmer book to read.
Catrina is so far in debt she joins a program in Chicago in which a benefactor pays her debts and owes her for a year to do with what he want. Including have her do what he orders to who every he wants.Morning spankings and blow jobs are just the start of things as he likes to watch others with her. Jared is also tasked in training her how to manage her money so when she leaves she won’t go back to her old ways.There is little story line just a lot of punishment and Catrina being shared among his friends and co-workers and a lot of butt spanking and anal sex.I got to listen to the narrated version of this book at the same time and is was a pleasure listen.Over all this was a good read and a good very good listen.

The Payment Series (3 Book Series)


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