Something Special (The Three Graces #6) by Nia Farrell

WARNING IF YOU DON”T LIKE OR APPROVE OF GROUP SEX PLEASE DON”t BUY THIS BOOK AND LOOK FOR SOMETHING A LITTLE CALMER FOR YOU! I had the honor of both reading and listening to this book on Audio. Both times I loved it. The way all three characters love each other and care for each other is amazing. The fact that two grown can care not only for the woman that loves them deeply but for each other without disrupting the household amazes me. The things they go through to make a perfect marriage ceremony and honeymoon is amazing, Nia has returned characters with such grace and love and the narrators did such a wonderful job telling the story and bringing it to life. ANd she writes with such flow ang grace that things just come alive. Recommend this book although I believe it may be part of a series as this is book 6 and picks up at an odd point it didn’t bother me but if you don’t like figuring things out for yourself try reading a book or two back you will not be disappointed as I plan to go and read some of the other back stories.

Something Special (The Three Graces #6)



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