Look Behind You by Sibel Hodge

Choloe thinks her life is perfect she has a job and a husband who cares about her but after a miscarriage mere hours after telling her husband she finds her life is a wreak. She is locked in a psycho ward and then shortly after release she is kidnapped and left for dead. With no one believing her and her husband telling everyone she is crazy only a friend agrees to help her they decide to help her piece together the two months she can’t remember. S things come to an end will the police finally get to her in time before everything is lost? I was lucky enough to have but the book and the narrtaed version which made this long book easier to handle as I could listen in the car and read. I loved listening to the soft English voices and hearing how they speak and their terms. Over all this was a 3 star book for a suspense and I highly recommend it.


Look Behind You by Sibel Hodge


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