Black Light: Valentine Roulette by Livia Grant, Jennifer Bene , Addison Cain, Sophie Kisker, Lee Savino, Renee Rose, Maren Smith, Meash Stone

These stories sure opened my eyes to things that I didn’t know went on behind the close doors of a club. Wax play, wet play and oddly I loved the tickling scene by Maren Smith (A new author to me) as I never thought would be part of play. And I’m not sure really what a violet wand was but I know I don’t want it.What I liked was some of these people had no idea who the person was they got matched with and some had stories between them that had to be overcome.This is truly a well written set of short stories by a talent group of authors and I hope maybe to hear more of the black light club later on. I woud give each story 5 spanking. So this is truly a 5 spanking book.



Black Light: Valentine Roulette


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