Are You Witchin’ Kidding Me? by Laurell Emily Grey

Wow! What happens when three witches, thinking they are looking into their futures, end up calling demons out to get them? They are forced to flee
the house and try to find safety where they can while they try to work things out.This book deals with Bethany and Wesley. Bethany has a strong dislike for werewolves since one killed her parents and Wesley just happens to be the Alpha of the local pack.The two meet and have some instant attraction but she finds herself drawn away from him. But when her and friends call out the demons and she finds herself chased by one it is Wesley and three of his men who save her. What happens next is some hot and steamy sex scenes. But when the demon tracks her location down will the two be able to send him back to hell or will Wesley lose the woman he knows he is his mate. I loved this story because it had three strong career minded woman on their own and Bethany is a curvy woman and we need more books that show the big is beautiful. The story made it clear that Bethany did not need Wesley to save her completely just act as an equal in my eyes, even when she chose to be submissive to him. I am looking forward to finding out how the other two witches find their alphas and defeat their demons.

Are You Witchin' Kidding Me? (Paranormal Erotic Romance) (The Witch's Alpha Book 1) by [Grey, Laurell Emily]



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