The Bye Bye man movie

Image result for don't think don't' say

Don’t say it, don’t think it. Three college students rent a house outside their college and right off the bat the female thinks something is wrong with it. After finding a silver coin one young man finds written in a nightstand Don’t say it, don’t think it over and over again. Then he removes the writing to find the name Bye bye man.They have a party and after ask another friend to hold a seance in the house. Well things go from bad to worse for them. After a restless night where he thinks he hears something scratching outside he deserves claw mars on the side of the house in the morning. This is after he freaks out during the seance and tells them the name Bye bye man. The woman who did the seance leaves the house in the morning. The main character goes to the library to do research and you guess it tells the librarian Bye Bye mans name. The movie goes on with some deaths (none gory in any detail but deaths). This is more of a pre-teen jump in your eat when you see Bye bye man and his dog type movie. With nearly table not yet dystoryed and one dying survivor whispering to a cop leads an opening for another one. I really hope not because this Bye bye man should just have stayed Bye bye. Folks save your money and hold out hope that another scary movie coming out this spring/summer will give us all the scare we need. Scare factor for what Bye bye man and his dog look like 6 out of 10 (he is ind of creepy) overall scare factor 3. Physiologically scares 5.


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