Star Wars Rouge One Mvie

Image result for star wars rogue one

This is the next installment in the never ending Star Wars movies. For those that don’t know this takes place before Star Wars: New Hope and explains how the rebels got the Death Star plans in the first place. It is an action pack movie and I am sure it will keep the younger generation happy. It has a strong female lead with a good range of supporting cast members. Even a budding love story (Of course don’t all Star Wars movie have a bidding love story?). Favorites show up briefly Grand Moff Tarkin (hated him them still hate him) was brought from the dead (he died in 1994), Darth Vader, R2-D2, C-3PO, Senator Organa, and even Princess Leia is screened into the movie at her age in the first movie. I found it a highly enjoyable movie even though I already knew the outcome of it. If you have kids young to enjoy a fast pace space movie take them or if you are just sitting on lightsabors till December 2017 and what to get you Star Wars fix in by all means go see it.


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