Why do I love these Berserker characters so much and where can I find one that would love and worship me as they do with there mates? This was an easy read and a great addition to the Berserkers saga. This is focused on the second oldest sister and the two Berserkers who believe she is not only the witch that can save their tribe but their mate but first need her magical power to heal them. She is so focused on finding on way to escape that she only agrees to help them once she starts seeing how she is healing one and the another announces he has kidnapped her younger sisters. They promise her a visit with her older sister from the first book if she behaves so she stops trying annoy them and accepts them. ALl the time hoping her sisters would join her in her quest to leave. But when the time comes will she be able to let the walls around her heart down and give herself fully to them? A lot of very hot ménage sex so please don’t read if threesome sex bothers you. So ready for the next one to come out. A five star read all around.

Taken by the Berserkers by Lee Savino


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