Black Light: Exposed (Black Light Series Book 2) by Jennifer Bene

Maddie is a want to be investigation reporter working at the coupons clip desk at a neighborhood paper. She has been spending all her free time and money trying to find out what is so special about the new night club owed by a threesome including the son of the former candidate for Presidents who backed out of the race when his son kissed both his girlfriend and boyfriend at a press conference. Yes she sees some famous people enter but then they all disappear. She gets lucky one evening to see a way in and returns later with a plan to get in but her plan is stopped at the gate when they ask who she came with. Lucky for her she is saved by dreamy Thomas Hathaway who ends up to be a junior congressman. After agreeing to ‘play’ with him she is allowed into the club the first night. And what follows is a two week romance where she starts to learn a lot about herself but will she let her pride ruin both of their chances at happiness? This is book two of the Black Light series but can be read alone. I am hoping for more in this series with either new characters or some friendly ‘games’ being played by those we have already meet.
Black Light by Jennifer Bene

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